Bomb Threat Leads To Republican Event Being Cancelled

( Last week, a speech by independent journalist Andy Ngo at Dartmouth College had to be canceled at the last minute over “security concerns.”

Ngo was scheduled to speak at an in-person event hosted by Turning Point USA and the Dartmouth College Republicans. In the event, “Extremism in America: a Discussion on Antifa,” Ngo was scheduled to discuss the left-wing terror group Antifa.

When the news first broke that Ngo was set to speak along with Gabe Nadales, a former member of Antifa, members of Antifa in New England planned a counter-protest, with some threatening violence.

The Northeast Antifa social media account declared New England “anti-fascist” and announced that they would “hold that line till death.” Antifa groups urged members to show up wearing black while the Green Mountain John Brown Gun Club called on its “reserves” to be on hand for the event.

A member of the Portland Antifa group also offered bail money to anyone who successfully assaulted Ngo during his appearance.

On Wednesday, the university said the event would go ahead as planned. Dartmouth’s Associate Vice President for Communications said the school had made “all necessary preparations” to ensure the event was safe.

However, the school reversed course and canceled the event citing security concerns. According to Andy Ngo, even bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in by police.

While last Thursday’s in-person event was canceled, the presentation was scheduled to proceed as a webinar via Zoom.