Board Member Claims Not Teaching Gender Studies Will Hurt Math Performance

One member of an Idaho school board worried that kids wouldn’t be able to focus on their studies if instructors weren’t allowed to talk about gender identification.

The Nampa School District, located west of Boise, voted on Monday to establish a policy prohibiting the discussion of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and gender reassignment in all school settings.

Mandy Simpson, a trustee on the school board, cast the lone no vote in favor of the policy.

The new Nampa schools policy acknowledges the rights of parents and caregivers to discuss and inform their child on all subject matters, particularly those that are not covered in the District’s academic curriculum.

The policy additionally prohibits staff from being compelled to use a student’s new pronouns and mandates that students use the locker rooms and bathrooms that align with their biological sex.

A student explained that the regulation was implemented because of a contentious high school psychology class in which students were encouraged to debate issues of gender and sexual orientation. The school board initially discussed the policy in May after the class caused a stir during a meeting in April.

Superintendent Gregg Russell has suggested that pupils who may not be surrounded by positive adult role models be sent to a school counselor.

According to a report, under the pretense of “care,” the state of California took a mentally ill adolescent girl away from her loving parents and forced her to take testosterone medications which then caused her to stand on a railway track to commit suicide. 

The California mother claims CPS’ caused the murder by gender ideology after her 19-year-old daughter was taken from her because of claims that the parents didn’t support her ‘identity.’

Last Monday, Abigail Martinez testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee, claiming that her daughter Yaeli’s death was caused by gender ideology.

Martinez told a media outlet that her Los Angeles County high school had pushed Yaeli into hormones and surgery for gender transformation when she was an adolescent instead of treating her chronic depression.