Blue City In California Cancels ‘Woke’ Holidays

According to reports, one of the few remaining conservative bastions in blue California, Huntington Beach, has decided to combine the town’s several monthly festivals of different identities into one more significant event honoring the town’s shared past.

A local publication reports that the administration of Huntington Beach plans to replace the city’s present cultural and identity celebrations, such as Women’s History Month, with new festivities that would center on the local area’s history.

The report showed that the municipal Council ordered municipal employees to create a history program. The program will include monthly themes, including the city’s origin, the discovery of oil, and local library celebrations.

The city will not officially observe Pride Month, Women’s History Month, or Black History Month in 2024.

To plan the program for years beyond 2025, the council requested the formation of a new committee with seven or nine members. The group would have a few annual meetings in collaboration with the Historic Resources Board.

While similar identity-focused festivals may be added to the schedule in the future, officials have said that they will not be compulsory for 2024.

A report shows Huntington Beach has consistently fought against the progressive policies of the state of California. These policies include the “sanctuary state” legislation, mandated low-income housing, mask and vaccination regulations, and the coronavirus epidemic.

Huntington Beach, California, was the first California community to successfully challenge the state’s “sanctuary state” legislation in 2018, claiming that it violated the authority of its municipal government.

Reports show concerns over a new coronavirus strain have generated requests for vaccination and mask requirements in other regions of the US. However, last September, the Huntington Beach city council voted 4-3 to prohibit such measures in the city.

Huntington Beach is effectively a “no mask, no vaccination” community.