Blake Masters Says China Buying Land In America Should Be Banned

( Blake Masters, the current frontrunner in the Arizona Republican Senate Primary wants Congress to prevent entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party from purchasing land in the United States.

Last weekend, Masters retweeted the news that a former general in the People’s Liberation Army is the owner of 200 square miles of land near Laughlin Air Base in Texas. Masters added, “We are going to make this illegal.”

Masters later told Breitbart News that it is “obscene” that the United States would permit “Chinese Communist Party stooges to profit off of our resources.” He noted that China floods the country with illegal drugs and launches cyberattacks on the country, yet leaders in Washington are “more or less okay with it,” adding “That needs to change.”

There have been several reports of US land being bought up by Chinese-affiliated entities.

Earlier this month, the New York Post reported that a Chinese company purchased farmland not far from Grand Forks Air Force Base. This base is the home of some of the country’s most sophisticated drone technology.

Last August, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suggested these Chinese land purchases near sensitive locations are part of a scheme to “expand its espionage capabilities.”

Masters has long expressed concern about Chinese malign influence in the United States. In a tweet late last year, he warned of China’s influence over the US economy, telling people it was “time to wake up.”

“We’re talking about foreign powers with their own interests,” Masters added.