Billionaire’s Plane Seen Diving To Ground In Near Vertical Dive Before Exploding

( Disturbing dashcam footage from Italy shows how a Romanian billionaire’s private plate stopped mid-air and fell straight to the ground, hitting a disused building and killing all eight people on board.

One of the victims of the tragic accident was a baby who was christened only that day.

The footage shows the plane falling vertically towards buildings in a suburb of Milan. You can see the plane disappear from view for a moment before a giant fireball comes from the building and smoke starts billowing into the air.

You can see the aftermath of the tragic crash in the clip below:

And in this post:

The plan had set off from the Linate airport in Milan just after 1pm local time and was headed to the popular island of Sardinia. Only 11 minutes after taking off, however, the plane had crashed into the ground and erupted into flames.

68-year-old Dan Petrescu, one of the richest men in Romania, was piloting the plane. He died along with his wife and son, as well as a 32-year-old Italian native names Filippo Nascimbene, his wife, and their brand new son Rafael.

The families were sharing the plane after attending the baptism and were headed to Sardinia to celebrate.

You can see the disturbing crash footage broken down over at The Daily Mail.