Bill Maher Is Worried Elon Musk Is Becoming Too Loved

( After Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was final last Thursday, the meltdown from the media, politicians, and huffy blue-check Leftists was near-apocalyptic. The day after Musk took the keys to Twitter headquarters, HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” was atwitter over his purchase of Twitter.

One of Maher’s guests, Financial Times editorial board chair Gillian Tett, expressed concern that Musk was “unelected” and was “becoming increasingly god-like.”

Unelected? Buying a company doesn’t require an election. How did this woman become the editorial board chair of a financial outlet?

Describing Musk as a “media baron,” Tett first laid on the honey, saying she admires the “innovation that Elon Musk brought into the world,” adding that he has done “some incredible things.”

But there was a “but.”

She added that Musk’s problem is that “he’s becoming increasingly god-like,” because he assumes he can solve the problems at Twitter, calling him “capricious” and “unelected.”

Tett then praised Musk for quickly providing Starlink access to Ukraine in the early weeks of the invasion, much of it donated “which is amazing,” Tett added.

But there was another “but.”

Tett added that Musk began switching off some of the Starlink systems in “important areas” of Ukraine, prompting host Bill Maher to call her out.

Maher asked Tett if they really wanted to “piss off the genius,” noting the need for “technological” solutions to address so-called “Climate Change.”

In early October the Financial Times reported that Ukrainian forces were experiencing outages in the Starlink terminals and service. The report falsely claimed that the Starlink systems were paid for. In a tweet responding to the article, Musk clarified that only a “small percentage” of the Starlink terminals and services were paid for. He noted that providing Starlink to Ukraine had cost SpaceX $80 million.