Bill Maher Clashes With Guests Over CRT in Schools

( Just how far to the Left has the Left gone that Leftist Bill Maher has had about enough of them? On his HBO show “Real Time” last Friday, Maher clashed with race-baiting Vanderbilt University professor Michael Eric Dyson, arguing that it is “disingenuous” to be dismissive over the concerns parents have about critical race theory.

Dyson is one of the guests who appeared on MSNBC last week to attack white parents as racists for opposing racialist propaganda in public schools.

Also on Maher’s show with Dyson was Harvard professor Glenn Loury.

When they turned their attention to how race may have affected turnout during last Tuesday’s Virginia election, Dyson argued that parents were spooked over critical race theory. He claimed that none of them could define it because they don’t know what it is.

Maher pointed out that parents aren’t objecting to teaching black history in schools. Instead, he argued, the pushback from parents was over teachers “separating children by race and describing them as either ‘oppressed’ or ‘oppressor.'” He said children are coming home feeling traumatized by that kind of thing, and that’s what parents object to.

Dyson, who is such a card-carrying racist Joy Reid repeatedly invites him on her show, claimed that Maher is underestimating the “anti-black sentiment that is deeply entrenched” among these evil white parents. He said this supposed “anti-black sentiment” goes “way beyond Trump.”

Professor Loury agreed with what Maher said about parents and CRT, pointing out that black people “don’t have a separate history.”

Then the discussion shifted to the vote in Minneapolis blocking the referendum to defund the police.

Loury observed that those who live in high-crime areas prefer to have protection. And while the police might not be a panacea, they are “definitely on the right side of the equation.”

Even the race-obsessed Dyson concurred that blacks call the police more than other people. But (there’s a but) they don’t want police to “mistake them for the criminal” and they don’t want the police to shoot them.

Well, nobody wants to be mistaken for a criminal who isn’t. Nobody wants to get shot by the police either. That isn’t a “black” thing. That’s just a sensible thing.