Bill Gates Releases Video Asking “Why Do Children Die?”

( Tens of thousands worldwide experienced adverse effects after receiving experimental mRNA-modifying technology injections due to the federal government’s unparalleled compulsion of experimental vaccine compliance.

The stunning increase in many health abnormalities, unheard of before the widespread use of so-called covid vaccinations, is probably tied to the gene-editing shots.

Even for many who bought the Big Brother and big pharma-funded media kool-aid, it is now abundantly evident that dangerous contagious “vaccines” do almost little to stop the spread of the virus.

Bill Gates, one of the first globalists to advocate for frequent and ongoing coronavirus vaccinations, continues to audaciously display his face in public to salvage face despite being a leading proponent of the covid vaccines.

On Tuesday, Gates released a new unsettling video praising the effectiveness of vaccines.

The software salesman begs the public to vaccinate “all the children in the world” in the video, which is included in his blog post titled “Why Do Children Die?” Gates argues in the video that the reason for juvenile death is the “toughest question” he has ever had to answer.

Gates asserts that “the loss of a kid is a tragedy—for the family, for the world.”

The insane co-founder of Microsoft justifies immunizing every child on the planet by equating vaccination with excellent hygiene and using third-world statistics.

“I was shocked to read that more than 20 million children under five would pass away in 1950. It had been slashed in half by the year 2000. Therefore, it was roughly 9.7 million, or about 10% of all births. We have made great progress since 2000; the deaths are currently under 5 million,” he remarked. So what caused those fatalities? What is happening there? Eighty-two percent of the time, it’s infectious disorders like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea.

Bill Gates says that we can ensure people have access to bathrooms, excellent sanitation, and handwashing facilities.

However, Gates has openly endorsed population reduction.

Bill Gates said, “The world has 6.8 billion people,” in a 2010 TED Talk.

That will ultimately total about 9 billion. We might be able to reduce that by 10% or 15% if we really excel at creating new medications, healthcare, and reproductive health services.