Bill Gates Releases Disturbing Video Declaring His Power-Moves Were “Worth It”

( Ever wanted to see a photograph of Microsoft founder Bill Gates holding a jar of human feces? No? Well, you’re about to see it anyway.

Gates, who recently announced his divorce from wife Melinda Gates with whom he runs his huge philanthropic organization the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, shared a post on Twitter this week reminiscing about the time he held the jar and “drunk water made from poop.”


The tweet linked an article on “” in which he described the importance of the work his foundation does reinventing toilets, and developing new technology designed to convert sewage into drinkable water.

Gates’ foundation regularly works to make life better in third world or developing countries where water can be scarce.

He also tagged comedy late night host Jimmy Fallon in the tweet, reminding him how he drank the cleaned-up toilet water.

He joked that Gates never told him that it was “poop water.”

If you don’t recall the moment Gates appeared on stage with the jar of human feces, it was during a speech he gave in China in 2018. He said that the small amount of feces in the jar could contain as many as 100,000 parasitic worm eggs and 200 trillion particles of rotavirus.

He stressed that his foundation’s innovative new sanitary technology would help avoid people being infected from drinking water that has been contaminated with human or animal feces.