Bill Gates Is Devastated “Tragic” Reports About Him Are Spreading

( Bill Gates continues promoting his new book about how to avert the next epidemic. The noted software developer, who is not a doctor, recommends COVID-19 vaccination shots every six months for those over 50.

Last week, Gates, 66, disclosed he had COVID.

“I’m COVID-positive.” Gates tweeted.

He wrote that he is suffering slight symptoms and isolating till he’s well, and he’s lucky he is vaccinated, boosted, and has testing and medical care.

Gates contracted COVID despite receiving two initial treatments and two boosters.

Anderson Cooper, a CNN anchor, said he had “just had three doses altogether” but had COVID-19 in April.

Cooper consulted with the software engineer as if he were a doctor, and asked when one should be boosted after having Covid. Cooper said he supposed Gates should know.

Gates said an illness with a high viral load would be like vaccination, but to be safe, “you’ll be vaccinated every six months.”

Gates said as “we” obtain more evidence, they may shorten it for those 60 or above 70, where the efficacy is lesser.

“We need to keep getting vaccinated to be safe,” the amateur doctor said.

Cooper asked Gates about a persistent conspiracy theory.
In 2020, unfounded claims spread that the COVID-19 vaccination contained tracking microchips and that the Gates Foundation was investing billions to implant microchips in all patients.

PolitiFact,, Reuters, and the BBC discredited the Gates microchip conspiracy idea.

Cooper told Gates that people think he monitors them with microchips in the vaccination.

“Simple explanations are enjoyable to click,” Gates said.

He asked why people assumed he wanted to track people.

He said if it prevents people from being vaccinated, that’s sad, never acknowledging the dangers of taking the shot.

When asked about COVID vaccination hesitation, Gates stated that it went down a little bit because people observed their peers getting vaccinated with relatively few adverse effects. The folks with severe disease were predominantly unvaccinated.

Relatively few to what?

Gates addressed the claim that he promotes vaccinations for profit.
He said he’d contributed billions for vaccinations, and the notion he is trying to make money off vaccinations is a conspiracy theory.

Yes, Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men the world has ever seen, is not concerned with profits.