Bill Gates Admits That Vaccines “Sadly” Not As Effective As Natural Immunity

( For some reason, billionaire Bill Gates attended last week’s Munich Security Conference where he participated in a panel discussion on the COVID pandemic. And according to this non-scientist, non-world leader, the fact that the Omicron variant is creating a higher level of immunity than the COVID vaccines is something to be sad about.

Gates was addressing the current state of the pandemic when he pointed out, “Sadly” the omicron variant is, in itself, “a type of vaccine” because it creates immunity and does it better than the COVID vaccines.


Why on earth would it be sad that the far milder Omicron variant provides better immunity to COVID than the man-made vaccines?

Shouldn’t that be good news?

Gates went on to explain that this sad news means the chance of severe illness from COVID, especially among the elderly or those with comorbidities like obesity or heart disease, has been “dramatically reduced.”

The only people who would think this is sad are the ones who never want the pandemic to end.

And because this is Bill Gates we’re talking about, he and his fellow panelists took a moment to condescendingly mock Americans who oppose mask mandates – all while sitting maskless on the Munich Security Conference stage.

The moderator, CNBC reporter Hadley Beale asked Gates about his position on masking, pointing out that some Americans are “confused” about whether or not to wear masks.

The insufferable Gates mocked those who oppose mandatory masking by sarcastically comparing wearing a mask to having to wear pants in public, sneeringly adding, “these societies are so cruel, why do they make you wear pants?”

This delighted his fellow panelists who laughed with delight at Gates mocking those dumb Americans. Hadley Beale then jokingly added that they’re all glad Gates is wearing pants.

Yes, Hadley, Gates was wearing pants. But neither he nor anybody else on that stage was wearing a mask.