Bill Barr Says Trump Victory Will Be Overruled By DOJ Appeal

( On Tuesday’s episode of “The Story” on FNC, former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr stated that a federal judge’s decision to allow a special master to oversee the investigation into the FBI raid at Trump Mar-a-Lago was “wrong” and that the decision would be reversed if the Department of Justice filed an appeal.

In his view, Barr stated, the opinion is incorrect, and he believes that the government should appeal. He said the opinion suffered from a multitude of fatal flaws in every aspect. The selection of a special master as the judge is not something he believes will be upheld.

Even if it does, he said, he doesn’t think it will significantly alter the path things are headed in. In other words, he doesn’t think it will affect the outcome of the “baseball game” all that much, even though we will have to postpone a “couple of innings due to the rain.”

Barr also said that the fundamental dramatics of the case is the same, which is that the government has strong evidence of what it needs to determine whether the charges are appropriate, which is that government documents were taken, classified information was taken and not handled appropriately, and they are looking into some evidence that suggests they were deceived. All of these things, however, point to the fact that the government was deceived. Nothing has any bearing on the information included in the documents. It is connected to the fact that there were documents in that location. The fact that they were subpoenaed but never given, in addition to the fact that they were classified, makes this a significant issue. For them to succeed in this scenario, they don’t need to show the substance, such as particular counsel that was offered in a memo. He doesn’t believe that it will significantly impact the conclusion.”

MacCallum, the host, inquired, “Do you think the Department of Justice will overturn the special master once they appeal it?”

Barr stated, “I think if the DOJ appeals, eventually it will be overturned,” about the ruling.