Biden’s Nominee May Already Be Sunk 

( A survivor of forcible abuse and her family have come out publicly against the approval of one of President Joe Biden’s judicial candidates. 

The First Circuit nominee Michael Delaney, who defended the prestigious St. Paul’s School in a lawsuit brought by a teenage victim of assault, was not on the calendar for a vote in the Senate on Thursday, but he was subjected to unusually lengthy questions, submitted in written form, from Democratic senators about his involvement in outing a victim to defend a school enmeshed in an assault scandal. 

Republican senators grilled Delaney in February regarding his efforts to protect the identity of a student who had been abused in 2014 at St. Paul’s, a famous school in New Hampshire. 

Prout’s parents urged Biden to withdraw Delaney’s candidacy, saying that the former Maryland congressman had chosen to earn money off survivors of assault and support these institutions. 

Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), who chaired the Judiciary Committee and described Delaney’s confirmation hearing as “harsh,” has not yet scheduled a vote on Delaney’s nomination. 

Durbin revealed the Judiciary Committee’s weekly agenda on Monday, including two more candidates who had their hearings on the same day as Delaney last month: Jeffrey Cummings and LaShonda Hunt. 

Delaney received a long list of written questions from Senator Dianne Feinstein also tells of his predicament. Feinstein’s extensive list of questions totaled 42 pages and focused on his representation of organizations under fire for the sexual misbehavior of workers, which is unusual for senators to do when nominating members of their own party. 

The Democratic senators’ opinions on Delaney’s behavior during the Prout case will determine whether or not he gets nominated. There are 81 mentions of them in the Feinstein question packet, and he admits that, in his role as an attorney for St. Paul’s School, he “did seek permission to use Ms. Prout’s true name in private settings throughout pretrial discovery phases of the case, and before jurors in any trial.” 

Mitch McConnel said this courageous young woman is upset that President Biden is seeking to give lifetime tenure to her doxxer and that two Democratic colleagues from New Hampshire, Hassan, and Shaheen, are endorsing him. 

As many women accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in 2018, Hassan and Shaheen voted against his confirmation.