Biden’s Handlers Cut Feed To Biden After He Starts Ranting About His Father’s Used Car

( Last Wednesday, President Biden hosted a “roundtable” discussion with US CEOs “to support the Build Back Better initiative.” And like every White House event hosted by President Biden, only some of it was available for public consumption.

The White House YouTube channel always cuts off these live-stream events short. Sometimes they get cut out just as Biden opens up the floor for questions, like this infamous example from March of last year:

But most of the time, the White House stops the live stream at the same time reporters get corralled out of the room.

And that’s what happened at last Wednesday’s BBB “roundtable.”

We all know why.

Joe Biden doesn’t do well when he is forced to speak off the cuff. Eventually, he begins babbling incoherently while struggling to find his way to a point.

Toward the end of the live-streamed portion with the CEOs, Joe was starting to lose focus. At one point, he went into a confusing anecdote about going to Dearborn, Michigan and it was clear he was fading fast:

A short time later, old Joe stumbled off on a tangent, prattling on about being the son of a man who ran car dealerships. That must have been the White House’s cue that it was time to end the live stream portion of the “roundtable:”

There’s no question that the 79-year-old Biden is running out of gas.

This week, at the end of the White House’s event to “Reignite the Cancer Moonshot,” in which Joe vowed to “end cancer as we know it,” First Lady Jill Biden, like a home-care nurse, had to guide her decrepit husband away from the podium:

Imagine how that looks to Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi.