Biden’s Grandchild May Soon Go To College Where Biden Donated Big Money

( Joe Biden enjoys leveraging his influence to help individuals close to him.

We’ve observed how he defends his son, Hunter Biden, who may soon be charged with tax and gun purchase-related federal offenses.

And now, Biden may utilize that influence to the advantage of his granddaughter.

Even when it appears that folks on the right side of the aisle are assisting their family members, most of the establishment media views such actions as grave wrongdoing.
Consider Trump as an example. How often did the media criticize the previous leader for allegedly benefiting his family in office? I lost track of how many times.
Biden is, of course, immune to such criticism.

However, a recent public appearance of his has many people wondering if Biden is using his connections to get his granddaughter into the University of Pennsylvania without waiting in line.

After Biden traveled to Pennsylvania to accompany his granddaughter, 18-year-old Natalie Biden, a senior in high school, on a college visit at the university, these queries started to surface on Friday.

Biden has numerous ties to the Ivy League university.

For starters, Biden held the position of Benjamin Franklin’s Presidential Professor of Practices until ultimately resigning to run for president. Biden received a substantial $2 million salary during his tenure in that role.

Second, Natalie’s sisters Naomi and Finnegan, Biden’s late son Beau Biden and daughter Ashley Biden have all earned degrees from the university.
Biden spent two hours touring the university with Natalie, University President Elizabeth Magill, and History Professor Sophia Rosenfield, raising the possibility that Natalie would pursue a history degree.

A university like Pennsylvania would seem to desire connections with the head of the executive branch.

A connection to Biden might be beneficial as institutions like this one employ contentious (or perhaps more properly, racist) affirmative action policies.

Naturally, all this is just conjecture, but the more significant issue is that Biden has consistently been charged with corruption.

Who’s to tell that his granddaughter’s condition is any different?