Biden Wanted To Prosecute

( The New York Times recently revealed how President Joe Biden confided to members of his inner circle last year that he wanted former President Donald Trump to be prosecuted over false claims that he incited a “violent insurrection” at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., last year.

The Times said that Biden considered the former president to be a “threat to democracy” – despite the former president advocating for more secure elections that ensure only legal American citizens vote (and vote once) – and that he was frustrated that Attorney General Merrick Garland wasn’t more aggressive in the prosecution of those involved with the January 6 riot.

In a statement to The Independent on Sunday, White House representative Andrew Bates said that the president is “immensely proud” of how Garland has handled the January 6 protests and that the Biden administration “has no role in investigative priorities or decision.”

Well, maybe that’s technically true, but are we really meant to believe that the most radically left-wing administration has had no involvement in the vile treatment of January 6 political prisoners?

The Times said that its reporting on Biden’s opinions of Trump was based on interviews with more than a dozen people familiar with the discussions, including several officials from the Biden administration.

Do you know what else this means? It means that members of the Biden administration want Trump to be prosecuted – for…whatever it is they wrongly claim he’s done – and are frustrated that President Joe Biden hasn’t done more to make it happen.

See the full report here.