Biden Told To Invade Ukraine To Stop Famine

( To avert a possible famine, in recent weeks, Biden administration officials have discussed with European allies the possibility of lifting the sanctions imposed on Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s regime as a way to secure the export of grain from Ukraine without risking a maritime confrontation with Russia.

Some members of NATO have been discussing a possible maritime operation to challenge Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports as a way to transport grain from the war-torn country.

Both the US and United Nations project a massive refugee crisis prompted by a lethal famine if Ukraine’s supply of grain cannot be exported. These allied officials maintain that the only practical option to prevent it would require an intervention to constrain Russia’s Black Sea blockade.

Some European allies argue that the amount of grain that could be transported by train would be too limited to address the current threat of famine. They also warn that there would be risks involved in appealing to the Lukashenko government.

The Belarusian dictator permitted Russian troops to attack Ukraine from his territory after making his own threats to NATO and EU members.

While the White House has denounced Russia’s blockade of Odesa, the Biden administration has shown no interest in breaking the blockade.

Flouting the Russian blockade would require a plan to prevent the Russian navy from attacking the port after Ukrainian forces move their defenses to clear the way for an international flotilla.

Some European officials believe Ukraine would be unwilling to clear its defenses without first receiving solid security guarantees from its allies in the West.

But such security guarantees are unlikely as both the US and NATO have consistently emphasized their unwillingness to risk direct conflict with Russia by deploying troops in any operation in Ukraine.

Despite hesitance from the Biden administration, however, some allies are trying to assemble a coalition of support for a maritime operation. But other allies believe that any operation of this kind would require the involvement of the US Navy, given the importance of deterring Russia from attacking an international flotilla.

The Turkish government has indicated to allies that Turkey would join such an operation provided another major naval power was involved.