Biden To Change Legal Definition To Help Illegals

By the end of this month, according to President Joe Biden, the new meaning of “lawful presence” will be put into effect by his government.


The Biden Administration has stated its intention to amend legislation to broaden eligibility for assistance programs supported by American taxpayers, such as Medicaid and Obamacare, to illegal immigrants.

Biden has revealed plans to make illegal immigrants participating in DACA, a vast amnesty program illegally implemented by presidential order, circumventing Congress, eligible to enroll in taxpayer-funded Medicaid and Obamacare. 

In a pre-recorded video message, Biden announced his plans and referred to illegal immigrants as “Americans.” 

He said, “Health care should be a right, not a privilege.” He boasted about how his administration has worked hard to expand health care. He said more people in the United States now have medical coverage.

“Today’s announcement is about giving DACA recipients the same opportunity,” he declared.

He also said he works “alongside dreamers” to provide them with “the opportunities and support they deserve.”

To bolster his case, Biden said that “many” illegals “were crucial employees on the front lines of the pandemic,” thus justifying the spending of taxpayer funds on illegal aliens.

An unprecedented number of illegal aliens—2.7 million—are predicted to have entered the United States in FY2022. Five million illegal immigrants have entered the country and set up residence here since Biden became president. This is in addition to the roughly 30 million illegal immigrants currently living in the country (and that’s just the ones the government is aware of).

The coordinated attempt of America’s foes to engage in a soft invasion of the United States over the porous southern border is evidenced by the discovery of large numbers of Chinese nationals of fighting age entering the United States through Mexico.

This change incentivizes more indigent and “in-need” people to cross the border into the “land of the free” healthcare.