Biden Struggles To Form A Sentence While Talking About Computer Chips

( During a speech given on Friday honoring the beginning of construction for a computer chip factory in Ohio, President Joe Biden had difficulty finding the appropriate words to characterize Republican Senator Rob Portman.

“I’m having trouble finding the right words to say to him, but he’s a decent man. Thank you. “You’re leaving a heck of a legacy as you leave what you’re doing as a consequence of you in large part,” President Joe Biden said to Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, who was retiring, during a ceremony to break ground on a new Intel facility. According to the transcript, Biden also managed to botch the name of Republican Representative Troy Balderson by calling him “Tony” instead of his correct name.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Democratic, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown attended the ceremony. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, was also in attendance. President Biden congratulated the audience in his speech on the successful adoption of the CHIPS Act.

According to the transcript, Biden made another mistake when giving the address.

According to what President Biden had said, the United States of America is currently ranked ninth in the world when it comes to research and development. Ten years ago, China ranked eighth on the list; today, it’s in second place.

During his previous talks, the President frequently flubbed his words. During a speech on August 30, President Joe Biden attacked “MAGA Republicans” and called for a ban on “assault weapons.” However, he confused the Democratic candidates for governor and the United States Senate, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Shapiro is currently serving as the state’s attorney general.

During a speech on July 8 about the decision of the Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Biden also misread a teleprompter.
In July, the CHIPS and Science Measure was passed by Congress and signed into law. This act authorizes up to $252 billion in research funding and subsidies for domestic computer chip producers. Following the announcement by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin that he supported the Inflation Reduction Act, Republicans took a position of opposition to the legislation.