Biden Sports Nasty Sunburn On Return From Vacation

Joe Biden has once again shown that he cannot manage the nation and isn’t even aware of how to care for himself properly.

In December, Biden departed on his latest lavish taxpayer-funded vacation and spent the remainder of the year at the beach.

Reports show the beachside property in St. Croix, owned by the wealthy Neville family, who are Democrat contributors, allowed him to remain “free” of charge.

Photos of Biden’s severe sunburn on his face surfaced just before he and his wife were to board Air Force One to leave the island. He neglected to apply sunscreen since he had plenty of fun in the sun.

His face was covered with severe burns in many photographs. It seemed like the forehead was blazing crimson.

To avoid any future humiliating tumbles, the steps leading up to Air Force One had been decreased, and Biden started climbing them very slowly.

People are starting to wonder about Biden’s health since they saw that he isn’t utilizing the usual lengthy stairway.

In 2023, Biden tripped, hesitated, and fell multiple times.

Biden had surgery in February 2023. Basal cell carcinoma, a prevalent kind of skin cancer, was diagnosed after a lesion was excised from his chest.

In the past, physicians excised a benign but perhaps precancerous tumor from him.

The White House doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, reportedly told the media that Biden’s removal site had healed and that the president would keep getting skin checks as part of his standard health regimen.

Basal cells are some of the most prevalent and, if detected early enough, among the most treatable cancers. Although they do not spread like other tumors, O’Connor said that their removal is necessary due to their potential to expand in size.

Although Biden has a history of skin cancer from overexposure to the sun, he neglected to take any protective measures while on vacation. Another long-term consequence of UV exposure is accelerated aging, as the Food and Drug Administration pointed out.