Biden Signs Executive Order Targeting U.S. Economy In Dangerous Power Move

( On Friday, President Biden signed an executive order ostensibly to encourage competition in the economy. The order takes aim at corporate consolidation and big businesses that Biden claims unfairly drive up consumer prices, decrease wages and make it more difficult for new companies to start up.

The EO, however, does nothing about the Federal government who, through regulations, drive up consumer prices, decrease wages and make it more difficult for new companies to start up.

Big corporations were handed the greatest gift in 2020. While small businesses were shut down due to government-imposed lockdowns, big corporations gobbled up unprecedented profits. And now President Biden wants Americans to believe that his executive order will save the very businesses his fellow Democrat governors helped to destroy?

Who’s falling for that?

During his signing ceremony, Biden exclaimed “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation.”

This is the guy who is demanding small businesses compete with the Federal government for workers. In his press event for the infrastructure deal, Biden whispered that the supplemental federal unemployment that is keeping people from looking for work has given these lay-abouts leverage to demand higher wages from businesses already suffering from the damaging COVID lockdowns.

To believe that any executive order signed by this President will increase free market competition is deeply naïve.

You do not increase free market competition through Federal government intervention. And that is exactly what this EO does. It creates 72 initiatives across more than a dozen federal agencies that will be charged with meddling in the free market – including regulating consumer pricing.

Price controls do not a free market make.

Government cannot impose “fairness” in a free market economy. It can only impose regulations. And regulations only result in a less “free” free market economy. Regulations increase costs and drive down employment.

While being sold as an attempt to prevent big corporations from swallowing up the economy, the reality is, government intervention in the economy always ends up empowering bigger corporations that can easily absorb the added costs of government regulations. Small businesses, on the other hand, will get swallowed whole.