Biden Sends Smirking Message To Republicans As Possible Investigation Looms

( President Joe Biden needs to confront some hard truths regarding his connection with his infamously misbehaving child. Understandably, every father wants to stand up for their offspring.

Robert Hunter Biden has spent most of his adult life as a morally depraved, drug-addicted waste, which is scarcely qualified for his current post, which, last time we checked, required being a not-quite-starving starving artist.

Typically, only the Biden family would be concerned about this. The issue is that while Hunter was making deals with significant business players in China, Ukraine, and Central America, he was also serially filming himself having intercourse with hookers and searching his carpets for traces of crack and/or parmesan cheese. He was almost certainly bringing nothing to the table beside his last name and its proximity to power and influence.

The president has attempted to downplay this by claiming to love Hunter like a father but denying ever discussing Hunter’s business affairs with him. No one would fault him for the first portion, but there is overwhelming proof that the second claim is almost certainly false.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee chairman has stated he is prepared to begin an investigation into Hunter if and when the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives following the 2022 midterm elections, which they appear likely to do. The investigation would likely end up going to the president.

The condescending reply from the president? “Lots of luck.”

Nobody has formally suggested summary impeachment for the president’s son’s business affairs. After all, simple nepotism is not prohibited. They have pledged to investigate his financial dealings, presumably with greater impartiality than the Democrats did with their kangaroo court spectacle on January 6.

Rep. James Comer, a Kentucky Republican who will take over as chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, told CBS News, “We’re ready to subpoena Hunter Biden.” “We would expect that he would wish to come before the committee and clear his name,” said the committee.

“Our son is innocent,” Joe Biden stated. According to Comer, Hunter Biden would want to come out and clear his name and hurt some Republicans. Therefore, Hunter Biden will be invited to appear before the committee. He might get a subpoena if he rejects it.

Comer also expressed worry that Hunter Biden’s interactions with China and Ukraine, among other countries, may have “compromised this White House,” given that the president’s son depends on businesses with connections to other governments for a career.

As a result, Comer declared, “it’s a national security risk.” And we will move forward with a credible, official inquiry of the US president because we take it seriously.