Biden Rewards Aids For Doing His Bidding

President Joe Biden swiftly promoted several of his top aides following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on the mishandling of documents, acknowledging their contributions.

According to Hur’s investigation, Biden knowingly kept classified materials even after his vice presidency ended and he became a private citizen.

However, the special counsel ultimately chose not to pursue any charges against the president, arguing that a jury would struggle to convict him due to his age and memory issues, saying he would be a “sympathetic” figure.

Annie Tomasini was promoted to deputy White House chief of staff on Feb. 8. She has worked with the current president since his days in the Senate. The following day, Richard Ruffner was promoted to assume the role of director of Oval Office operations, which Tomasini had left vacant.

Although it may seem harmless, the promotion of two officials within the administration raises suspicions about their true motives.

Kathy Chung, another Biden aide, was offered her job with the elder Biden in 2012 after receiving a call from Hunter Biden expressing his interest in her joining the team, which she shared with the committee.

According to Hur’s report, the House Oversight Committee directly cited Tomasini for his previous visit to the Penn Biden Center, where he was said to have taken inventory of President Biden’s documents and materials.

In November 2022, it was reported that the classified documents were found in the exact center.

Ruffner seemed involved in the classified documents scandal, as he spent time with Biden while working as a personal aide to the aging politician during his years out of office.

There is a strong possibility that he had interactions with the Biden family. Ruffner was mentioned in the Hunter Biden hard drive emails, revealing that he refused a Venmo payment from the president’s son.

There is a noticeable disparity in how justice is applied to former President Donald Trump and President Biden. Despite the findings of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s report, which revealed that Trump had retained classified documents, Trump faces significant prosecution. On the other hand, Biden, who has also been found to handle classified information in a less secure environment than Trump, has not faced any legal consequences.