Biden Reminds D.C. Reporter Most Americans Can’t Take The Train

( During his blame-shifting, responsibility-dodging remarks on America’s 40-year high inflation Tuesday, President Biden had to remind one of the reporters that for most Americans, public transportation isn’t an option to avoid Biden’s astronomically-high gas prices.

A reporter suggested that the President simply instruct Americans to stop buying so much gas. Noting that the president is “a train guy,” the reporter suggested that the White House encourage Americans “to drive less and take public transport.”

The president said anyone who has “raised a family like mine” knows the American people don’t need to be told. He said Americans are already trying to figure out “how not to have to show up at the gas pump.” Then he brought up his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, saying it is one of the things that will help.

Finally, Joe pointed out something so obvious, that even senile Joe Biden knows it. He told the reporter that most Americans don’t have many public transportation options. He explained that for people in the Northeast Corridor, there are plenty of alternatives to driving. But for everybody else, there aren’t.


But this is how thick the bubble is that surrounds the DC press corps. They really have no earthly idea what life is like for the rest of the country.

Nobody would ever claim that Joe Biden has his finger on the pulse of the American people. But even Joe has a better grasp on the real world than these know-nothing reporters.