Biden Pushes for Biweekly COVID Test for School Children

( Last Friday during a White House briefing on the omicron variant, the administration unveiled a new strategy to increase COVID testing as a way to keep children in the schools.

The strategy includes what the White House is calling “test to stay” which would permit unvaccinated students to avoid mandatory quarantines if they have been exposed to a COVID-positive person to remain in school so long as they undergo regular testing for COVID at least twice a week during and after exposure.

Despite the omicron variant being much milder, the Biden administration is in panic mode, scrambling to find ways to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed while also keeping schools open.

Though, in some cities, panic-stricken school districts have already closed early for the Christmas holiday out of fear of omicron.

During Friday’s briefing, the White House warned the unvaccinated that if they refuse to protect themselves and their family by getting vaccinated, they are “looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

But that histrionic warning might be a tad over the top.

According to a report from Bloomberg last Friday, in South Africa, where omicron is the dominant variant, hospitalizations are down 91 percent compared to the outbreak fueled by the delta variant. During the delta outbreak, 19 percent of COVID-positive patients ended up in the hospital. With omicron, only 1.7 percent of patients are hospitalized.

But that isn’t stopping the Biden administration from setting its hair on fire over the much milder omicron variant.

The White House also plans to urge teachers to get the COVID booster shot at in-school vaccine clinics. Also as part of the strategy, the administration wants schools to require students to wear masks, despite no measurable evidence that forcing children to wear masks makes any difference. The White House also wants schools to impose a 3-foot social distancing rule.

On Saturday, press secretary Jen Psaki announced that President Biden is scheduled on Tuesday to address the country on the administration’s COVID response. Biden will announce “new steps” the White House will take while “issuing a stark warning of what winter will look like” for all the Americans who refuse to get vaccinated.