Biden Pulls Ahead Of Trump In Three Polls

According to a new survey, President Joe Biden is predicted to defeat Donald Trump in the forthcoming presidential election. This is the third poll in the last week showing Biden ahead.

Following their respective victories in several presidential primaries, Biden and Trump were confirmed to face off again in a November rematch.

Since all eyes have been on the general election, pollsters have offered a wide range of predictions on who will win in November.

Public Policy Polling conducted a nationwide study showing that Biden had a 46-45 percent edge against Trump. The two politicians are statistically tied within the margin of error. A Biden super PAC financed the study.

Meanwhile, Biden seems to have little chance of beating his opponent in two other surveys conducted the past week. According to a Reuters/Ipsos survey of 3,356 eligible voters, Trump would receive 38% of the vote and Biden 39%. The study, which was carried out between March 7 and 13, has a margin of error of 1.8 percentage points.

Of 1,324 eligible voters surveyed by Civiqs/Daily Kos, 45% chose the Democrat, while 44% chose Trump. The survey’s margin of error was 2.8%, and it was conducted between March 9th and 12th.

Between March 8 and 13, Big Village polled 1,436 potential voters and found that Trump would receive 41% of the vote, with Biden receiving 40%.

The same pollsters also surveyed 1,628 registered voters simultaneously, predicting that the Republican would receive 39% of the vote while Biden received 37%.

According to a YouGov survey conducted from March 3 to 5, which included 1,450 registered voters, the former president is expected to receive 44% of the vote, while Biden is projected to receive 42%.

Following his State of the Union speech, Biden’s approval rating hit a record low of 37.4 percent, while his disapproval rating was 56.5%.

With the election eight months away, it is too soon to predict an outcome.