Biden Press Secretary Snaps At Reporters: “You’re Not Being Respectful”

( Reports show the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre yelled at a reporter who interrupted Thursday’s press briefing by asking a question.
What? Are reporters asking questions of the Press Secretary?
How bizarre.
The reporter began derailing the briefing as Jean-Pierre finished answering a question about student debt cancelation and the nation’s deficit. The reporter demanded that she be allowed to ask a question over Washington Blade White House correspondent Chris Johnson, causing the press secretary to respond.
The reporter told Jean-Pierre that she had been trying to ask her a question for a long time. Jean-Pierre told the reporter that she was being respectful to her colleagues. Jean-Pierre then claimed she jumps around choosing reporters.

She sure does. She often jumps around to avoid the people who ask legitimate questions.

The reporter responded that she and others had been there asking a question for more than a week!

“Respect your colleagues, respect your colleagues,” the Press Secretary scolded.

Chris Johnson had a non-question about whether President Joe Biden intended to contact Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about arranging a vote on the House-approved Respect for Marriage Act, which was enacted in July. Obergefell v. Hodges, a Supreme Court ruling that legalized homosexual marriage in all states, is intended to be codified in the law.
The interrupter spoke again, asking for just one question.

“You’re being disrespectful,” Jean-Pierre screeched.

Gee. Did the interrupting reporter forget to submit her question to the Press Secretary ahead of time? She really needs the extra time to prepare her non-answers.

According to the Suppress Secretary, her non-answer was that the Biden administration was in frequent contact with members of Congress, who have voiced their support for the measure. Joe Biden has been and will continue to be a champion for the community.

I bet the reporters miss Jen “circle back” Psaki. Even though she rarely told the truth, at least she could answer most of their questions.