Biden Prepares to Announce John McCain Library Funding

As the autumn equinox passes, the United States embraces the season of fall. At this time, it would be a fair assessment to state that the overarching attention of most Americans is not dedicated to the upcoming presidential election of 2024 which still remains over a year away. As inflation continues to wage devastating effects on ordinary Americans and the spending power of the dollar increasingly decreases. Major media organizations across the union continue to place a heavy emphasis on the early stages of the presidential primaries. When discussing the Democratic party, the incumbent President Joe Biden appears locked in as the party nominee, and he faces very paltry opposition, primarily in the form of Robert Kennedy Jr.. Despite this reality, the sitting President is undoubtedly vulnerable and increasingly unpopular. In most contemporary polls, Biden commands the confidence of less and less Americans and is disapproved of by a majority of citizens.

While the quality of life continues to decline in states across the union, the incompetent incumbent president seems to be blissfully ignorant or willingly opposed to addressing any of the meaningful problems the country faces. In the month of September, when thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants have entered the country from the southern border, Biden has been ultimately directing his energies to other things. Late in the month, he announced that the federal government would fund an Arizona State University library in honor of Senator John McCain, a now deceased Republican representative.

The library will be funded and built using monies from the American Rescue plan act, which was passed early in Bidens term in March of 2021. It was one of many exorbitant spending packages pushed and enacted by Democrats in congress and the president, with a price tag of $1.9 trillion. It proves how mismanaged funds are in Washington, as it was intended to be a stimulus package used in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.