Biden Panicking Setting In For Democrats Amid Bad Polling

( The midterm elections are just seven months away, and Democrats are in a panic over Biden’s dismal polling numbers.

A war with U.S. interests will typically cause a bump in approval ratings as the country supports America’s efforts and the commander-in-chief. Biden hasn’t enjoyed any such boost.

While the economy continues to grow and the unemployment rate remains low, as Biden emphasized on Friday, inflation is at a 40-year high, and gas costs are skyrocketing. The Russian invasion has contributed to our economic woes.

The left has been concerned for months that they would lose control of the House of Representatives this fall, and they are also concerned about losing control of the Senate, with polls showing Biden polling badly in essential areas like Arizona.

Even news from the job market showing the U.S. economy adding 431,000 jobs in March hasn’t translated into a bounce for Biden.

After his State of the Union speech, in which he sharply chastised Russian President Vladimir Putin for the war in Ukraine, Biden received a tiny boost. His numbers have since stayed south of 50%.

Biden’s popularity rating was 40 percent in an NBC News survey issued on Sunday, the lowest of his presidency.

When it comes to lowering inflation, the White House has few alternatives and must mostly wait out the storm. Officials believe inflation will pass as the pandemic and related supply chain issues that have caused higher costs to subside.

The white house is focusing mainly on inflation, the number one issue that they feel can sink his reelection.

On Friday morning, as he praised the March employment report as proof that the economy is “moving,” Biden explained that controlling inflation was a priority for his administration.

The president feels as if “this job is not finished” and he needs to do more to get prices under control.

However, even some in the administration admit that the Biden doctrine isn’t getting across to the public as they wish.

“For whatever reason, the messaging hasn’t gotten through,” one administration official acknowledged. “At times, it feels like we’re spinning our wheels.”

Maybe it’s how much it costs at the pumps to keep our wheels spinning?