Biden Order Flags To Half Mast To Honor Justice O’Connor

According to a report, following Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s passing on December 1st at the age of 93, President Biden ordered the flying of the United States flag at half-mast at government buildings, the White House, and military posts.

The top court stated on Friday that she would be lying in repose in the Supreme Court for one day before a private burial ceremony on December 19.

John O’Connor, her spouse, died in 2009. There are three sons and six grandkids left to carry on her legacy.

Reports show that as the first woman to hold the position of US Supreme Court judge, O’Connor had a tremendous impact as the bench’s lone centrist, notwithstanding the bench’s ideological divisions, due to her preference for pragmatism.

During her almost 25-year stint on the nation’s supreme court, O’Connor often baffled both her friends and detractors by refusing to be boxed in by either the left or the right.

She suffered from respiratory disease and progressive dementia, according to the high court’s declaration of her death.

A report notes that in keeping with a custom that began 150 years ago with Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase’s passing, the Supreme Court draped black fabric over the entrance of the courtroom as a mark of respect for O’Connor. The usual duration for leaving it in place is 30 days.

In 1981, President Reagan nominated O’Connor to The Supreme Court, and the Senate approved her with a unanimous vote. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away September 18, 2020, in Washington DC, joined five other women ( Justice Elena Kagan, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson) in holding judicial seats.

O’Connor was a moderate judge who sat until 2006. Samuel A. Alito Jr., a justice, stepped into her vacant seat.