Biden Officials Order Border Crisis To Be Cut Off From Press

( A big reason the public knew about the explosion of illegal aliens under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas is because Fox News was capturing images of the mass of people by operating a drone overhead.

Reporter Bill Melugin began sharing on Twitter photos taken from the drone which, unsurprisingly, went viral on social media. From overhead, the sheer size of that sea of people made the crisis at the border difficult to ignore.

So how did the Biden Administration react?

Shortly after Melugin’s photos went viral, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a temporary flight restriction over the International Bridge. Sure, the FAA claimed it was because of a “special security reason.” But the only security the FAA was concerned about was Joe Biden’s.

Because if the public can’t see the massive swell of humanity, there’s no risk of them getting angry at the President, and Biden remains secure in the White House.

Melugin pointed out that for seven months, Fox News has been covering the border crisis nonstop – and using a drone to do it – and it was never once a problem. Then, this unprecedented surge in illegals happens and there’s a “special security reason” for issuing a temporary flight restriction?

Who’s buying that?

In a statement issued Thursday evening, the FAA claimed that it was the US Border Patrol that requested the flight restriction “due to drones interfering with law enforcement flights at the border.”

The FAA said that Fox News could request clearance to operate in the area, which Fox News quickly did.

In the meantime, as he waited for the clearance to go through, Melugin found a workaround with a little help from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The DPS sent Melugin up overhead in one of their helicopters.

On Friday afternoon, the FAA finally approved Fox News’ request for clearance to fly their drone, and the drone was back overhead.

On Monday, Melugin gave Fox’s Dana Perino an update on the situation under the International Bridge where an estimated 12,000 illegals – mostly Haitians and Africans – are camped out.