Biden Nominee Tried To Target Assault Victim’s Identity 

( Chessy Prout, who was assaulted lasciviously as a freshman at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire and later sued the school for negligence, requested a simple thing from her lawyers: that she remain anonymous during the lawsuit because, as a minor, she was receiving death threats from other students and alumni.  

Michael Delaney, an attorney for Prout’s $62,000-per-year boarding school, fought the move, and the 15-year-old’s identity was outed. 

It has been five years since the Prouts settled with the school, and now President Joseph Biden wants to appoint the low-life Delaney to the federal bench. Democrats are in a difficult position because they must choose between supporting one of their party’s judicial candidates and supporting survivors of assault after his nomination to the First Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Even if Prout’s parents urged them to sink Delaney’s nomination, they seem to have chosen the former option for now. Earlier this month, he was scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but just two Democrats showed up.  

Chessy’s dad, Alex Prout, called Delaney an “ambulance-chasing attorney.” 

Alex Prout, accompanied by his wife Susan, says that Delaney does not belong on the federal bench because he successfully fought to reveal his daughter’s identity in a civil lawsuit against the elite boarding school over its responsibility for the assault committed against her by a high school senior aged 18. 

St. Paul’s, which counts John Kerry and  Robert Mueller among its alumni, is one of the few schools in the country to have entered into a settlement agreement with law enforcement to avoid potential criminal charges over what New Hampshire authorities called widespread “child endangerment” in 2018. 

Chessy Prout reached that agreement after she pursued justice for Owen Labrie, a senior convicted of misdemeanor assault, in 2015. The Prouts held the school accountable by filing a legal complaint in which Chessy Prout, posing as “Jane Doe,” claimed that the institution had allowed kids to engage in “ritual” assault. 

Delaney was hired as legal representation for St. Paul’s, and his strategy was combative from the get-go. The school formally requested Prout’s journal, threatened to question her classmates, and filed a motion to have her identity stripped during the trial. 

The Prouts say they won’t stop seeking justice for their own family and the millions of other abuse victims. 

Biden should answer for this tone-deaf nomination.