Biden Nominee Refuses To Say It’s Wrong To Discriminate Based On Race

( President Joe Biden’s controversial nominee for United States district judge for the Central District of California caused a stir last week when she refused to say whether or not she. Thinks it is wrong to discriminate against people according to their race.

Far-left Kenly Kiya Koto was questioned by Texas Senator Ted Cruz during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Cruz, who is also a lawyer, asked Koto to offer her opinions on racial discrimination and gave her an opportunity to denounce racism. But she didn’t.

“Is racial discrimination wrong?” Cruz asked.

Instead of simply responding “yes,” Koto responded by saying that the United States Constitution prohibits racial discrimination.

Cruz asked again, interrupting her convoluted answer, and asked, “you have no views on whether it’s right or wrong?”

Again, she didn’t answer. Instead, she said that it is an “issue that is frequently litigated before the courts pursuant to Canon three of the Code of Conduct.”

Why can’t she just say she thinks racial discrimination is wrong?

Take a look for yourself:

The most Cruz managed to get out of her is an admission that racial discrimination is prohibited under the law. But she never said she disagrees with it.

This is the legacy of President Joe Biden – a racist president willing to discriminate against white Americans and nominate justices who don’t believe racial discrimination is wrong. Or, at least, who won’t admit that it’s wrong.