Biden Lowers Expectations After Worries Mount Over Economy

( Another month of Joe Biden’s leadership, another month of horrible job numbers…

On Friday, President Biden spoke about the nation’s recovery, and attempted to put a positive spin on a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that revealed how unemployment rose by 559,000 – some 100,000 less than economists were predicting.

Even when taking into consideration the fact that Democrats continue to push the additional $300 per week federal unemployment benefits, which discourages people from seeking new employment opportunities, economists had predicted an increase of 671,000 jobs in May.

Biden’s excuse? He said there will be “ups and downs” in the economic reports and job number.s He also admitted that there will be “price pressures” and “supply chain issues” as the United States works its way back to steady growth and stability.

But as we’ve seen the last time Joe Biden was in the White House, good job numbers and steady economic growth are not an inevitability. And with President Biden planning a $6 trillion “infrastructure” bill next year, along with a record increase in taxes on American businesses and workers, the chances of a growing economy are getting slimmer by the day.

You can watch the president making his excuses in the clip below:

The president also celebrated unemployment dropping to 5.8% nationally, claiming that it was a good start and a “testament” to his work as president. Biden suggested that the economy was growing “from the bottom up and the middle out,” whatever that means.

For reference, President Barack Obama took eight years to get unemployment down from almost 10% in 2009 to around 5% by the end of his presidency. And under President Donald Trump, unemployment just kept dropping, courtesy of his massive tax cuts and America First economic agenda.

You may remember President Biden trying to spin the terrible March jobs numbers in the same way, when he didn’t meet his own administration’s predictions of one million new jobs.

Let’s see how he spins it when the numbers are just as terrible next month…