Biden Leaves Podium Refusing To Answer Question About High Gas Prices

( On Tuesday, President Biden delivered a speech on “tackling inflation” in which he proceeded to blame everyone but himself for the skyrocketing prices and inflation his policies have caused – Putin, COVID, “Ultra MAGA” Republicans, price gouging, you name it.

Joe even blamed Florida Senator Rick Scott. Okay, in fairness, he blamed the non-existent Wisconsin Senator named Rick Scott:

Biden’s remarks were intended to get out ahead of the looming consumer inflation data that was released the following day. And during the course of his desperate excuse-making remarks, the hapless Joe refused to accept any responsibility for anything.

At one point, old Joe had a creepy “I feel your pain” moment, telling Americans he could “taste” their frustration.

Are you sure you aren’t just tasting the BS your administration has been dumping on the American people for over a year, Joe?

But rather than admit fault for the frustration he has caused, Joe claimed he built a strong economy. Or at least he tried to claim that. What he ended up saying was an incomprehensible word salad about the number one threat being a strength … or something:

When a reporter asked the president point-blank if he bears any responsibility for the 40-year high inflation, the hapless old man claimed that his policies have helped.

After getting peppered with questions, it became obvious Joe didn’t want to prolong the agony any further.

As reporters continued to shout questions, the President of the United States turned around and meandered off stage.

Inflation is the number one concern for voters heading into the election season, and all this White House has by way of a response is blaming Putin, COVID, price gouging corporations, and now “Ultra MAGA.” But no amount of passing the blame is going to turn things around for Joe Biden or the Democrats.