Biden Is Trying To Squash A Shocking Movement From The Left

( President Biden is trying to squash a potential challenge that progressives might give him in 2024, according to Salon. His administration allegedly directed the Democratic National Committee to revise their primary schedule and dislodge New Hampshire as the first primary state, instead replacing it with South Carolina.

Biden did poorly in New Hampshire in the 2020 Democratic primary, receiving just 8% of the total vote and finishing fifth, contrary to South Carolina where he was a big winner.

Both the White House and mainstream media have reiterated that the president will not face any serious challenges in 2024 if he decides to run for reelection. But his intrusion into the DNC’s schedule on primaries reportedly appears to be a sign of worry that there might be some obstacles to his renomination.

South Carolina is not a battleground state, as it is deep red, but it could treat Democrats well in the primaries, especially where Biden has his centrist ally, Rep. Jim Clyburn. The plan to reorder the primary schedule would be considered an “effective ploy” to reduce the chances of facing off against a Bernie Sanders-type candidate, according to Walter Shapiro in the New Republic.

The Democrats are reportedly refraining from criticizing the president or deviating from the main party line over his possible renomination, but after the midterms, one congressional Democrat speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid antagonizing the White House told The New York Times that, “Biden’s numbers were ‘a huge drag’ on Democratic candidates, who won in spite of the president not thanks to him.”

Biden’s overall job approval is currently sitting below 40%, according to an ABC poll. Just 35% of Democrats reportedly favor Biden for 2024. 56% want to look elsewhere for a candidate. By contrast, Republicans are split 47-46% on whether they want former President Donald Trump to be their nominee.