Biden Is Trusting Taliban To Protect Americans In Kabul

( If you thought the handling of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan couldn’t get any worse, then think again. Reports have revealed how President Joe Biden isn’t just botching the withdrawal but is even relying on the Taliban to protect Americans who are stuck at the international airport in Kabul.

And since those reports came out, more than a dozen American military personnel have been killed by ISIS-K terrorists.

The series of suicide bombs were set off on Thursday morning and the Pentagon is reportedly preparing for more blasts, and as that situation continues to deterioriate, the Biden administration is reportedly asking the Taliban to offer greater protection for American citizens.

That’s what happens when you abandon the most important American airbase in Afghanistan before you evacuate American citizens. Nice going, Joe.

Curtis Houck said on Twitter that the head of the United States Central Command revealed that they had reached out to the Taliban to ask if they will “protect us.”

He included a video of Frank McKenzine, the Marine Corps General and the chief of the United States Military Central Command, speaking to Fox News about the situation and revealing that they are prepared for more attacks and are reaching out to the Taliban to provide an outer security cordon around the airfield.

To be clear: this is one of the most important American military leaders in the country asking the Taliban, a jihadist organization, to help keep American troops safe.

What planet are we on?