Biden Is Reportedly Corrupting U.S. Troops Against American Citizens

( A guest columnist at The Gateway Pundit is claiming that Joe Biden is going to invoke the Posse Comitatus Act so that he can use the military on US soil against American citizens.

Lawrence Sellin has no evidence that this is going to happen. Instead, he cites the weaponization of federal law enforcement and the Justice Department as a reason he suspects the next step will be using the military against American citizens.

Sellin alleges that the Biden administration is demolishing the country after illegitimately assuming power by stealing the 2020 election through voter fraud.

He accuses the Biden “regime” of working with “international interests” that benefit from the “destruction” of our constitutional republic to attempt to “usher in an era of Neo-Feudalism” controlled by globalists.

Sellin claims that “a global aristocracy” that wants to create “a world without nations” is working with the White House to turn people into “de facto slaves with neither rights nor property,” which, he claims, is the “governance model” of the CCP and the World Economic Forum.

Claiming “we are at war,” Sellin accuses the federal government of being controlled by “anti-American international interests.” He said the government, working with big tech and the media, “has been weaponized against the American people.”

He then alleges that the federal government “seceded from the people” and plans to “establish absolute tyranny” similar to the British crown before the Revolutionary War.

Sellin inaccurately states that Congress passed a red flag law (it didn’t) that will allow for gun confiscation like the kind done by the British Army before the Revolutionary War.

He then encourages Americans to establish “State Guards” to fight back against tyranny when Biden invokes Posse Comitatus and declared “we are at our Lexington and Concord moment.”