Biden Idiotically Claims His Actions “Aren’t About Politics”

( If there is one job on the planet that is political, it’s being the President of the United States. But apparently, President Joe Biden doesn’t seem to understand that.

Speaking after protests erupted in Tennessee, where healthcare workers spoke out in favor of new sweeping mask mandates in the nation’s schools, the president came out and claimed that his support of mask mandates “isn’t about politics” but is really just a matter of keeping children safe.

Making children, who are largely not vulnerable to COVID-19, wear masks isn’t a political move? And explicitly condemning pro-freedom protestors who don’t support mask mandates isn’t political?


The Centers for Disease Control is once again suggesting that people wear masks when in close proximity to other people, including students and members of staff in schools across the country. The advice has been offered to all Americans regardless of whether or not they have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

Republicans have stood up to the barbaric measures, with the governors of both Texas and Florida already taking legislative efforts to stop mask mandates in schools being issued by the federal government or by individual school authorities.

Biden said he found it “disturbing” to see footage of doctors and nurses being shouted at in Tennessee when they left a school board meeting, where they argued in favor of implementing a mask mandate.

Isn’t it funny how they will listen to doctors and nurses when they support masks, but dismiss anti-mask nurses and doctors as conspiracy theorists and lunatics?

Biden said that the healthcare workers were just “doing their best” to care for people who refuse to get vaccinated, and that unvaccinated people are dying because of their decision.

He had nothing to say about the nurses all over the country who are set to lose their jobs by refusing to take the vaccine, after spending 18 months saving lives without being vaccinated.

This whole charade is arguably the most political thing Biden has ever done.