Biden Heads Out West In Attempt To Secure Votes

In an attempt to reach out to Latino voters, Biden is stepping up his efforts this week. Latinos con Biden-Harris, which translates as “Latinos with Biden-Harris” in Spanish, will formally debut on Tuesday, marking one of the critical projects. To reach out to various demographics of voters who will have a significant impact on the president’s reelection this is only one component of the larger campaign plan. Given the growing disillusionment among some sectors of Biden’s support base, particularly among individuals of Black and Hispanic descent, with the president’s performance in office, the significance of that endeavor cannot be emphasized enough.

This is calculated to shake up dormancy among his 2020 voter base.

The president’s initial visit on Tuesday is to Reno, Nevada. Before traveling to Las Vegas to tout his administration’s housing policies, he will meet with Washoe County officials and campaign volunteers.

The next stop on his campaign trail will be in a pivotal swing county near Phoenix, Arizona, where he will emphasize his initiatives to fortify the computer chip manufacturing industry.

Just 38% of Americans were satisfied with President Biden’s job performance, according to a February AP-NORC survey. The approval rating was 36% among Hispanic people, compared to 58% among Black adults. Compared to white and Hispanic Americans, Black adults are more likely to approve of Biden. It should be noted that this approval has decreased throughout the three years that Biden has been in office.

Campaign organizers are hopeful that people previously uninterested in the impending rematch between Biden and former president Trump are starting to pay attention now that both candidates have received their nominations.

Despite having plenty of money and a well-organized party, the Biden campaign and the Democrats are encountering difficulties. Democrats are seeing a fall in support among essential voting blocs throughout the election season, compounded by Biden’s worse job performance scores. Compared to Biden’s 2020 success, Democratic candidates in the 2022 midterms garnered a slightly lower proportion of Hispanic votes. The proportion fell from 63% to 57% in American voters’ most recent AP VoteCast poll.

Final stops on Biden’s three-day tour will be in Dallas and Houston, Texas, for a string of fundraisers.

Rumor has it that Trump is looking at Marco Rubio as a running mate, potentially upending Biden’s efforts to court Hispanic and Latino voters.