Biden Gives Brusque Response at Reporter Asking About His Age

Belgrade, Serbia. 16th August, 2016. US Vice President Joseph 'Joe' Biden and Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic holds a joint press conference

President Joe Biden is known for his elderly appearance, as well as the actions and antics that the toll of aging takes on all people. Many Americans, as well as global leaders around the world wondering if Biden, who is 81, is “too old” to be President. In the past, Biden has publicly shown signs of his age during his presidency, often miscommunicating during public appearances, falling, up the stairs of Air Force One, and even falling off a bicycle in his home state of Delaware. On the other hand, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has avoided the same scrutiny as Biden, despite being six years younger, leading to voters question the current president’s capability as Commander in Chief.  Recently, however, it seems as though Biden is tired of the age slander, as he fired back at a reporter who asked the President about his age last Wednesday. 

The reporter asked President Biden if he had planned on finishing his current term as President, or if he would allow VP Kamala Harris to take over office. Seemingly annoyed by the question, Biden fired back by asking the reporter if he was alright or if he was hurt, also asking the reporter if he had fallen on his head. The conversation was captured on cell phone video footage and quickly became viral amongst internet and social media users. 

Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, gave contrasting fractions about the exchange between Biden and the reporter. One commenter asked when the media become so “cheesy”, regarding the context of the reporter’s question. Another user sarcastically commented, “Great response” while inserting a GIF of Biden wearing sunglasses, followed by many more comments. Other X sure seemed to be more critical of Biden’s response, with a user stating that Biden did not answer the question but rather attacked the reporter. Others posted that the exchange was not a good look for the president.