Biden Gets Lost On Stage Again

( Shortly after his speech to the UN in New York, Biden was leaving the stage at the Global Fund Conference. Well, he was attempting to leave.

As he stumbled and took baby steps to exit the stage, the US president appeared perplexed. After a brief pause and bewildered glance around, he asks those on the ground how to exit the stage.

Then a man approaches the podium to thank the president. Biden turns to face the man while seeming perplexed and slowly moves to the edge of the stage.

Throughout his tenure in office and the years leading up to his election in 2020, questions have remained about the 79-year-suitability old’s to serve as US President.

The almost-80-year-old president was questioned over the weekend if he was healthy enough to compete for reelection in 2024 during an interview with 60 Minutes.

Scott Pelley questioned Biden during the interview: “And when you hear it, I wonder what you think?”

When challenged, Biden responded, “Watch me.”

He said to observe him.  “And that’s all I think, by God. Watch me.”

He said if we think he lacks mental clarity or energy, “that’s one thing.”

That’s what we are saying, Joe. We are watching you and do not think you have the mental clarity.

He said he appreciates somebody telling him he’s old. But he believes it has to do with one’s energy level and whether the work you’re doing is something that anyone, regardless of age, would be able to perform.

He added: “The proof of the pudding’s in the eating.”

This is an unfortunate phrase because many have said he should retire and just busy himself with eating his pudding.

On social media, the video of Biden appearing uncomfortably confused gained millions of views on Twitter.

Ted Cruz, a Texas senator and member of the Republican Party, tweeted: Terrifying. This is our Commander in Chief.”

Biden’s age has been questioned before, so this is not the first. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow last year, he was accused of dozing off before appearing to be awakened by a helper.