Biden Furious After Question By Reporter

( President Joe Biden is finally getting some tough questions now that he’s not on the campaign trail, and he clearly can’t handle it. During a White House Press Corps on Thursday, the president was asked about his weakness and delays in implementing sanctions against Russia.

“You said in recent weeks that big nations cannot bluff when it comes to something like this,” CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins said to the president.

She noted that Biden was considering personally sanctioning Putin, before asking if that is a step he intends to take.

“It’s not a bluff,” Biden said.

It prompted Collins to ask why the president isn’t taking that action today. And he responded by…staring at her.

No kidding, you can see it for yourself in this clip below. Biden just looked blankly at her, prompting her to ask the question again.

“Why not sanction him today?” she said.

Bear in mind, Russia was launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine while this was happening, and Biden couldn’t even explain his response.

Biden ignored her and pointed to another reporter, but unluckily for him, NBC’s Peter Alexander soon chimed in and asked him, “What more are you waiting for?”

The president definitely wasn’t expecting questions like this.

The fact that the left-wing press is asking these questions, too, is a sign that all is not well. If Biden gets tough questions like this and proceeds to simply ignore them during his rumored second presidential run, surely there’s no way he can win again.