Biden Freezes After Reporter’s Question

( It is evident on his face.

iOTWreport explains that when a reporter questioned Biden about whether borrowers of privately owned debt would eventually be eligible for loan forgiveness, Biden became frozen.

Biden remained catatonic when Miguel Cardona, the secretary of education, intervened and responded to inquiries.

These instances are becoming more frequent, so they can no longer be disregarded.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, has come under fire for “having no explanations” about the reasons for Joe Biden’s string of “confused” public outbursts.

As reporters shouted, “We need to have some answers,” Ms. Jean-Pierre disregarded every question.

As he departed his most recent address this week, President Biden seemed disoriented and bewildered, sparking new questions after a string of similar caught-on-camera events.

The commander-in-chief, prone to missteps and will be 80 next month, made his most recent embarrassing stage departure after speaking Thursday at a rally in Pittsburgh to support Democrat John Fetterman.

Biden went to his right after making his speech, then halted and addressed his team while raising his hands.

After completing a 180-degree spin to his left to locate the exit, he turned to his right, then the opposite way.

He then shuffled off the stage, pointing at the door, and seemed to mutter.

When questioned by reporters during an unplanned stop at a sandwich restaurant just outside of Pittsburgh, Biden had further shown confusion.

When asked why “more candidates don’t want to be seen in public” with him, Biden gently approached the individual posing the query and went up close with a bewildered expression.

He began to mumble, then questioned, “What are you talking about?”

This has increased the long-standing worries about his mental stamina.

Biden traveled back to Pennsylvania, where he spent his formative years, to assist Fetterman, who is running for an open Senate seat despite his health issues after a stroke in May.

According to Karine Jean-Pierre, the communications secretary for the White House, Fetterman is “just as capable” as ever of becoming a senator in Biden’s eyes.

Of course, he does.