Biden Falls In Yet Another Poll

( Another week, another poll showing just how much the American public can’t stand President Joe Biden and his America Last policies.

The latest survey comes from CBS News and YouGov, and shows how more than 60% of voters disapprove of the job the president is doing on major issues like crime, the economy, immigration, and inflation. Those four main issues just happen to be the things that President Joe Biden is worst at handling.

The poll found that just 7% of people surveyed believe that things are going “very well” under the Biden administration.

And with a 61% disapproval rating on crime, 62% disapproval for immigration, and 63%disapprove for the economy, there’s no way that Biden can turn this around, is there?

And did we mention that he has a 69% disapproval rating on the economy?

No surprise there.

The survey also confirmed everyone’s worst fears – that the majority of Americans are being seriously hit by the rising cost of food and consumer goods. 92% of Americans said that they felt the impact, and 66% said that it is proving to be “difficult” or a “hardship.”

Remember that President Joe Biden promised to represent the working people of America. How’s that going?

See the full dataset from the poll here.