Biden Doubles Down On Title 42

( The Biden administration continues to push forward in its efforts to end Title 42, even as some other moderate Democrats are warning against the effects of doing so.

This week, the White House officially filed an appeal to a ruling out of a federal court that blocked the Biden administration from putting an end to Title 42. The rule, initiated under former President Donald Trump, allowed the U.S. to send illegal immigrants back home quicker due to concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though President Joe Biden has seen his efforts to repeal the measure struck down already, he’s continuing to press forward. This is also despite the fact that many Democrats have been critical of Biden’s plan to repeal Title 42 without having a suitable replacement plan in place.

As Ohio Democratic Representative Tim Ryan recently said:

“Ending Title 42 without a path forward is wrong and reckless. Lifting Title 42 without the appropriate staffing and resources we need will only exacerbate the problems that have contributed to our broken immigration system. We cannot end this policy without a comprehensive plan in place.”

The measure in question is a public health order that was initiated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention back in March of 2020. It allowed America to quickly expel migrants who came to the U.S. southern border as a way to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Since taking over the White House last year, Biden has said that Title 42 is actually a public health order and not one related to border security. As such, he’s claimed that lifting Title 42 would need to be done based on grounds of public health.

Many Republicans have brought up the fact that there is a logistical concern to doing so, too. Repealing Title 42 would cause a massive issue with border security at the southern border, which is already experiencing a tragedy.

It’s not just Republicans who are against repealing Title 42, though. Many of Biden’s own party members have been very outspoken against doing so without a plan in place.

The spokesperson for New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, Laura Epstein, explained:

“As courts consider Title 42, Senator Hassan will continue to share her concerns about prematurely lifting Title 42 and will continue pressing the administration on ways to have a safe, secure and humane border.”

Fox News recently reported that Biden’s defeat in court could actually end up working out in his favor, as well as that of Democrats running for election in this year’s midterms.

A Fox News Poll, for instance, found that 63% of American voters wanted to keep Title 42 in place. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has said that repealing Title 42 would result in a huge surge of migrants to the southern border.

So, in other words, the federal court could have saved the Biden administration and Democrats from a major notch against them as people head to the polls later this year. Of course, that will only hold up if Biden stops trying to repeal Title 42 at seemingly all costs.