Biden Dismantles Project In Signal Of Retreat

( According to reports, the nuclear sea-launched cruise missile program (SLCM-N) that the Trump administration created in 2018 will be terminated by President Joe Biden’s administration.

On October 27, the Department of Defense published the suggestion in its National Defense Strategy. According to the department, the U.S. currently possesses the tools to prevent limited nuclear use, so SLCM-N is not required.

The National Defense Strategy, Nuclear Posture Review, and Missile Defense Review are three documents that the Biden administration released. They all outline the military’s plans and confirm that the Pentagon would have a robust nuclear arsenal.

The U.S. Navy had requested reductions in SCLM-N funding for the 2023 fiscal budget. Thus the retirement of the sea missile program comes at a good time. Even with full financing, the missiles wouldn’t be available until 2035, according to a DOD official.

According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the US nuclear arsenal is in fine shape even without the SLCM-N project. Furthermore, he thinks this does not lessen American opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear-weapons threats.

Austin stated that he didn’t believe this communicated anything to Putin. He is aware of our potential.

Reports show that in April, Gen. Mark Milley testified before the House Armed Services Committee that he still supports the SLCM-N and that more than one deterrence is required. The president, or any president, deserves to have multiple tools to deal with national security problems.

In support of the Trump administration’s nuclear plan, Milley stated during his Senate confirmation hearing in 2019 that sea-launched missiles are essential to enable our flexible and personalized deterrence strategy while we modernize aged nuclear assets.

Democrats in Congress have been pressing the Biden administration to reduce the U.S. arsenal without reducing the nuclear triad of aircraft bombers, submarine-launched warheads, and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

One program from the Trump administration that is still in existence is the W76-2 low-yield submarine-launched ballistic missile, which is comparable to what Russia is threatening Ukraine with. The W76-2 was referred to as unnecessary, wasteful, and unjustified in the 2020 Democratic Party platform.

With a concentration on strategic rather than tactical weapons, the Nuclear Posture Review under the Biden administration modifies the nuclear strategy of the Trump administration. Many national security specialists have voiced serious concerns about this choice.

All of Trump’s ideas and accomplishments must be destroyed.