Biden Declines To Give Details About Special Meeting

( President Joe Biden skirted an opportunity to embarrass himself this week by refusing to offer any details of his discussions with Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

When the U.S. president arrived at the Europa Building to begin discussions with European leaders on Tuesday, he was asked about his conversations with the Turkish president and officials. But instead of risking getting something wrong and embarrassing himself once again, he told journalists that he felt “very good” about the meeting and that he’ll “let the Turks tell you about it.”

Let the Turks tell the United States media what happened in a meeting with the U.S. President? Since when has that been a normal way of interacting with the press?

President Biden and President Erdogan have appeared publicly positive about their discussions, even though neither side has announced any details about their conversation or any breakthroughs they may or may not have made. Biden has so far said during a press conference on Sunday that they had a “productive meeting.”

He added that their teams will continue the discussions and he believes that the Biden administration can make “real progress” for the two countries. Similarly, President Erdogan said that their conversations were “productive and sincere.”

Erdogan added that he believes there are no issued between the two countries that are “unsolveable.”

Still, no details!

As it stands, the United States and Turkey are presumably working off tensions relating to Turkey’s decision to purchase surface-to-air missiles from Russia and from getting involves in the Libyan and Syrian wars. It’s significant as Turkey has the second-biggest military in NATO.

President Joe Biden, a man who can barely remember where he is half the time, is the guy leading the Americans on discussions with the leader of the second-biggest military in NATO…what could possibly go wrong?