Biden Confirms What “We All Expected” About Obama

President Biden confirmed what many have speculated about for the last two years—that former President Barack Obama has had his hand in the administration. During a fundraiser last week, Biden said that his former boss has been “helping out a lot,” according to The Daily Mail

The comment came as Obama visited the president at the White House earlier in the week for lunch. Biden is gearing up for his re-election bid and has his sights set on fundraising. Over the last week, Biden has attended fundraisers in New York City, Chicago, Maryland, and Washington D.C. 

While speaking to attendees at the fundraiser in New York City, Biden joked that when he hears “Hail to the chief,” he turns around and looks for Obama. He said that he was not kidding. The remarks come at a time when 59 percent of Democrats do not believe Biden should run for president again, according to a poll from Premise. 

Biden’s age has been a motivating factor for the disapproving sentiment. His frequent gaffes and slips, and concerns that he might not be progressive enough, have prompted even Democratic commentators to doubt him. 38 percent of Democrats reportedly “strongly disapprove” of the way Biden is performing as president while 22 percent “somewhat disapprove.” Just 31 percent of Democrats approve of the job he is doing. 

When respondents are asked whether Biden or Donald Trump is preferable in 2024, a total of 41 percent say the latter. Only 34 percent say Biden, while 25 percent are uncertain. 

Vice President Kamala Harris is not doing any better with voters. An NBC poll shows that her popularity hardly exists at all. Only 32 percent approve of the job she is doing, while only 11 percent view her in a “very positive” light.