Biden Colluded To Remove Critics Of COVID Policies From Twitter

( According to materials Berenson received and made public, the Biden administration allegedly pressured Twitter to delete the account of Alex Berenson, a former New York Times writer and well-known opponent of Biden’s COVID-19 policy.

For a message that they later recognized didn’t break its rules, Twitter deactivated Berenson’s account on August 28, 2021. He was later allowed to reactivate his account in July as part of a settlement in Berenson’s lawsuit against the business. Four months before his suspension, Twitter had concluded that he had complied with its rules, but the White House had pressured the firm to remove him.

Both liberals and conservatives have criticized Berenson for his reporting. Because of his interpretations of the COVID-19 epidemic and the Biden administration’s response, some of which have turned out to be incorrect—hardly unusual in the COVID era—he has become a divisive figure online.

After being asked “How was WH?” on April 22, 2021, a Twitter employee responded, “They had one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off the platform; otherwise their questions were pointed but fair – and mercifully we had answers.” Berenson shared screenshots of the response on his Twitter account. Berenson wrote that he received the evidence in the discovery phase of his lawsuit.

Berenson told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “I believe these records indicate that the Biden administration violated my First Amendment rights by forcing Twitter to ban me, and I look forward to challenging the government in federal court.”

According to a screenshot, Berenson uploaded, a Twitter employee said that Andy Slavitt, senior advisor to President Biden’s COVID-19 response team, suggested that Berenson was the “epicenter of disinfo that spread outwards to the persuadable public.”

The documents show that top federal officials actively targeted Berenson and exerted pressure on a private corporation to deplatform him, possibly infringing on his First Amendment rights, he said. He thinks the targeting makes his case different, even if past lawsuits involving social media corporations and governments working together to remove users have been unsuccessful.

Requests for a response from the Daily Caller News Foundation were not answered by Twitter or the White House.